What Comes First?

Seriously, where do you start when you want to get somewhere that isn’t on Google Maps?

You can start with Google but from my experience the results for “how to be” whatever you want to be are usually filled with spam websites trying to sell you some solution to your problem.


Stuff like:


“Join today and get this blogging program for 80% off!!!! Only $99!!! You’ll be making bajillions in no time!!! (hard work not included)”


“7 easy steps to becoming a yoga instructor and living your best life now!”


“Secrets to getting millions of Youtube subscribers over night!”


“How I went from my mom’s couch to driving a lambo in just 1 year”


Or, if you’re lucky enough to land on a more informative site it’ll be lists that include stuff like: take classes, get a degree, find a mentor, be awesome, be you, don’t be too original but don’t be too generic, and the list goes on in a predictable fashion. But if you’ve made your first round of Googling “how to be” whatever you want to be, that still means you’ve got some sort of idea of what you want to do.


What if you have no idea what you want to do?


Back in the day, humans were born into a certain way of living and the only other option was death. Your mom and dad were farmers? You’re a farmer. Your ancestors landowners? Congrats on your aristocracy. But today, teenagers are making bank from Tumblr feeds and youtube channels. People are quitting their day jobs and writing for a living. Even NBA stars have lucrative side gigs. From podcasts to Instagram feeds, from Youtube channels to blogs, we’ve got so many ways to make a living doing something other than what our bosses tell us to do. All of these options makes the idea of living the dream all the more plausible while simultaneously destroying it.


There’s no app that can help you decide what career will make you feel fulfilled. And there’s no Google Maps equivalent for career success. Bummer. It’d be nice to just plug in an address of your desired life and follow the step by step directions that would lead us to a place of happiness, contentment, and fulfillment.


So, this blog is about that. Finding what I love to do. There’s no agenda, no tips, no tricks, just thoughts and musings I have along the way. Maybe someday I’ll find my niché.


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