Please, not another @#$%#&@! Power Point

PowerPoint needs to die.

Kill the slides. All they do is make executives and wannabe executives feel important.

Presentations don’t have to suck and they don’t have to be long. Take TED talks for instance, they’re generally under 30 minutes and most are pretty interesting. Why can’t more presentations be like that? …I blame PowerPoint.

PowerPoint makes a young gun like me want to avoid management positions of any kind. I work in a creative office and still there seem to be endless seas of presentations that management seems to be drowning in. I’m sure it’s much worse in other drab industries like insurance or banking. Heaven help the bankers.

“But it’s the only way we can present anything!” – every uncreative person ever.

Tom Haverford absolutely kills this excuse. PowerPoint is not the only way.

giphy (7).gif

Throw in some dancers and some air horns. That’d do the trick and wake up Kyle from the accounting department out of his drooling slumber.

This could be a generational thing. Perhaps only young people find PowerPoint dull but I doubt that’s the case. I’d hypothesize that it doesn’t matter how old you are, PowerPoint is boring.

So what’s the answer to ending PowerPoint presentations? My suggestion…

…make people learn to present. No reading off bullet points, no notecards, no business mumbo jumbo, but a story. Engaging the audience with something other than meaningless charts.

Oh and some how convince congress to ban PowerPoint.

Ok, what do I know? I have zero credentials (no MBA, PhD, MD, XD, AB or CP3) and just over a year of “real world” experience. There’s a chance I’m wrong. But there’s also a chance I’m onto something here.

Yes, I’m a disgruntled millennial that wants to change the way things work (I know, how cliché). But hold the snake people crap and just envision a world with short meetings, interesting presenters who practiced and no more PowerPoints.

Now, you tell me…wouldn’t that be a wonderful world to live in?

I think so. That’s why PowerPoint needs to die.

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