What if Math was actually interesting to everyday people?

Math, you either love it or hate it.

Judging by what happened in 2008 and 1929, most people stay blissfully ignorant of the subject.

As a writer, a lot of conversations with other writers are about how we hate and can’t do math. But what if most people were into math? Like, what if roles were reversed and writers were no longer this mysterious bunch that everyone wanted to be and being a mathematician was what everyone wanted to be.

Everybody and their grandma has a blog, but what if everyone instead of posing to the world their original thoughts and musings posted  and solved math problems on the internet?

The internet might make more sense. It’d be governed by the right answers and content would revolve around the x and y axis.

Perhaps if more people like me found math interesting, they would have figured out a way to retire at a smaller number than 80.

It’s doubtful that credit card companies would exist, because everyone would realize that it’s a numbers scam and more people would figure out that a credit score doesn’t actually mean a thing. Or in the very least no one would leave the bill unpaid and gather the insane interest charges on the pack of gum they just bought.

giphy (11).gif

If more people were interested in math, the lottery definitely wouldn’t be a hit because people would actually understand the odds and give up because logically buying a ticket makes absolutely no sense.

Non-profits would cease to exist because well, the numbers  would always add up to zero and in a world where numbers are king, zero wouldn’t cut it.

Just imagine being able to actually understand the math behind all of your bills, even your insurance policy. Wouldn’t that be something? No more blindly following copays and premiums and all those other things that we put on Autopay because we’d rather not deal with them.

We’d all be able to get a better deal on everything because we’d know that a 200% markup on a soda is ridiculous and paying interest on something that’s worth less as soon as we buy it defies logic.

If math were actually interesting, people might stop watching garbage TV and start investing in companies with trusted returns because nothing would be more exciting than growing the numbers in our bank accounts.

Accountants would be the new rockstars. They’d have paparazzi following them everywhere…

giphy (14).gif

…”Jim! Can you tell us more about how you solved the Loggombottom Estate problem?” …

…”Well, I used the tangent line of hawkbill’s equation for numerical saturation and valuation. Piece a cake.”

If there were still trashy gossip magazines (they’d probably still make it due to high profit margins) they’d have Wallstreet’s big boys on every cover…

… “Bennett McDonald’s narrow escape from a cocaine overdose”

And Financial Advisors would be talk show hosts…

… “Coming up next of the Late Late Show, Ted talks about create the perfect bond portfolio for millennials”…

If math was actually interesting, I wouldn’t be shouting to the blank wall of the internet that I’m really terrible at all things Math related and have no idea how to solve word problems even though words are my thing.

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