What if the business world was more like pro sports?

What if we talked about regular people like we did Lebron? Sure, average people doing average work aren’t as interesting as a freak of nature. But what if they were?

Instead of applying and interview, what if companies had college scouts just like a pro sports team?

Imagine each industry having a draft of incoming college grads with analysis made by commentators on BEN (Business Entertainment Network).

giphy (24).gif

… “You know Jim, Matt has an incredible skill set. He volunteers at soup kitchens, had an outstanding 4.0 GPA from a Power 5 School, and has a steady girlfriend. Plus his presentation on volatile markets investments was simply amazing, no one fell asleep!” …

giphy (26).gif

… “Matt is definitely a talented young gun but I’m keeping my eye on Samantha, Steve. She’s just got that boss lady mentality that could absolutely make the glass ceiling come crashing down. She’s the future Steve. Oh and did I mention she’s a minority and a part of the LGBTQ community? Talk about a rockstar. She’s really going to shake things up as Chick-fil-a’s new marketing associate. Boy are they in for a surprise.”

Would there be a BEN top 10?


“Wow, would you look at that Powerpoint animation Steve? How’d he pull that off?”


“Heidi is just a freak of nature, I can’t believe she pulled three all nighters and is still awake for this four hour meeting.”

giphy (30).gif

Would fans line up outside the buildings of their favorite brands to get the autograph of high performers?

I can see it now… Brad from IT swarmed by kids wanting his autograph as soon as he walks out of the building at 5:01. He’s been making a splash at GIANT CORP with the latest security updates. We talkin skillzzz folks. All the kids wanna be him.

What if we gave job changes the same publicity as free agency?

giphy (28).gif

Well, I suppose that’d be impossible because they happen so often. There’s no way the media could cover all the drama.

Would crappy business owners cease to exist? I mean, if you’ve got the press following your every move, getting away with belittling your staff just doesn’t seem feasible. In the very least their recruiting efforts would suffer.

Perhaps there’d be more teamwork because each company would view itself as a team. I know, most already say this in their “About Us” page BS, but if there were actually a Super Bowl of Final Contest of some sort, folks might take more stock in their companies. Instead of endless quarters, one big contest held at the end of the year in a stadium where teams got to look their competition in the eye and say “you’re going down”.

Society might be better off if the business world was like pro sports because it’d give the common man something to do. Because let’s face it, business in general is boring. And to some it already is like pro sports. They follow all the influencers and speak all the jargon but those folks are few and far between.

Most of us are just waiting on the clock to strike 5.

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