Adventures in Adulting: Episode 1 Roofs Cost Money

Adulting. That’s the all-inclusive term the cool kids use for responsibility, discipline, and making wise decisions.

This is the first installment of my experience in adulting. One of many as I progress through life, learning as I go what it means to be a grown up.

You Can Pick Your Bedroom, But It’s Gonna Cost Ya Kid…

When you’re a kid, you don’t think about housing costs.

All you care about is getting your own bedroom that you don’t have to share with your kid brother. But then after mom and dad stop paying for college or if you were thrust into adulthood early by way of paying for your own school, you realize that having your own room costs money.

Whether your parents warned you about it or not, it’s still a jarring realization. krabs.jpg

Roofs Costs Money

Housing is something everyone needs and takes up a good portion of most budgets. Without a place to store all your stuff, you can’t actually have a whole lot, and if you don’t have a whole lot you’ll never make your dreams come true… (shrug gif)

But seriously, shelter is a major key that you just don’t think about as a kid growing up in middle class America.

giphy (18).gif

It all goes back to not being prepared for adult life. Not really imagining what it’d be like. You always assume you’ll just be able to live like mom and dad from the get go but that’s usually never the case.

At some point, you realize a roof is a roof, and the roof you can afford is the roof you’ll live under. Even if it means a box in San Francisco.

No More Hide-and-Seek

Nowadays instead of going to a nice house and thinking…

“man, this place has some awesome hiding spots. I’ll be the king of hide-and-go-seek!”

… entering a swanky home in a nice part of town only leads to thoughts like…

“Good grief, I wonder what the mortgage is on this thing…”


…“Man, they’ve got a green lawn, I wonder if they used pelletized lime or not…”

This is life though. One day you’re scoping out hiding places and the next you’re asking what kind of grass seed your friends are using.

I don’t know exactly what I imagined life would be like at 23. But I can tell you it’s not better than I imagined. Of course it’s not worse either… far I’ve successfully avoided my fear of living in a trailer park.


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