EOD 3/30/21


I’ve got a lot of ideas. This daily report out is one of them. 

Oof. “Report Out”.  I’ve spent too much time in the swamp of corporate jargon. 

For those of you fine folks that have no flippin clue what that is, well, it’s this: me telling you what I did with my time after 5 pm in an entertaining way. 

Well. Maybe it’s entertaining. At any rate, it’s a way to keep me accountable to my goals and track my progress through the lens of daily action. 

So, here it goes. 

5:01 pm – Bap! Shut my work machine down with joy.

Stupid 4:30 meetings. I feel like success has something to do with never having 4:30 meetings. I’ll keep you updated

5:30 pm – It’s gym time. Hugh Jackman said all you need to get lean is to hit the rowing machine and do some push-ups. I did some sprints 1500km in 6:34. Then because I’m incredibly out of shape I cruised into 2000km 2:25 later. This beat yesterday’s time. 

3 sets of pushups I’m super duper weak. So, I’m not gonna report those reps. Full disclosure? Nah. But I did increase each sets’ rep.  

6:00 pm – Shower, dinner, facetime with my parents to go over my bday weekend plans. Shit. As soon as I decide to take on a responsibility like reporting out what I’ve done with my time after — I set myself up for failure by doing it on a weekend where I most likely won’t do that. Guess that’s a challenge. 

7:00 pm – Morgan and I catch the sunset. We talk about the future. She’s an artist that’s just discovering her potential. Her face is lighting up like the sun piercing the clouds in that heavenly way that makes the sky look like Jesus is coming back. Hoping he does.  

8:00 pm — Starting a bit later than I hoped but I started Nancy Cartwright’s Masterclass on VoiceOver. 

Some learnings: 

There’s a toolbox to dig into with your voice: 

  1. Pitch
  2. Speed
  3. Attitude/Emotion
  4. Placement 
  5. Accent
  6. Volume
  7. Intention 
  8. Timing 
  9. Range  

You gotta be yourself. ok. That’s like the most generic advice. But ok Nancy.  

LOL, her advice on finding a mentor was basically — get lucky and don’t stalk people. Right on. 

She really went in on marking a script and differentiating characters. But I think the best piece of advice so far was to have a branded personality. I don’t have to have a lot of different voices, just a handful of really good characters.  

9:00 pm – Paused the lesson to research mentors for an hour. So far I have three guys of varying fame.  Stay tuned. 

Alright. There it is. Tuesday night of learning. I think I’m going to try 3 days of education and 3 days of action. But who knows what that’ll look like during a bday weekend. 🤷🏼‍♂️

10:20 pm – Wrote this mutha out.

10:48 pm Nighty night 😉

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