EOD 3/31/21

It is Wednesday, my dudes. 

Aka humpday.

7:05 pm — I crawl into my studio and settle in for the second half of Nancy Cartwright’s VO Masterclass. 

The second half was better. 

My review of Nancy’s Masterclass: 

Some helpful info and a decent jumping-off point but won’t land you success in the field. Guess that should be obvious.

8:30 pm — After finishing the class, I turn my attention to The Playlist Project — I’ve been doing it for 3 years. So, I can’t stop now. 

Lazily stumbled into the theme of Number 1 Hits on April 3rd from years past. But it’s also a good chunk of 90’s hip hop like Tag Team. 

It takes a while to find the right vibe, but I’m grooving to it now and it’s a nice blend of nostalgia. Listen here 

9:15 pm — Playlisting is fun, but it’s not gonna get ya boi paid. 

So, like the industrious fella I am, I picked up where I left off and started stalking potential VO mentors on the internet. 

Is it stalking if I just find info about people and use it to start a conversation? IDK, you tell me. 

A few notes, it surprises me how bad people are at social media. I mean if you don’t have it, that’s fine, but if you do… grainy photos are unacceptable when you can shoot 4k videos on the iPhone XR. 

10:15 pm — I still need 6 more songs to make it a song for every day of April. BRB.  

10:50 pm — Finished this. Aight cool. Now the real test of a bday weekend begins. Eh. Maybe I’ll just pick up where I left off on Monday.

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