EOD 4/6/2021

Oof. Mondays. AM I RIGHT?? 

After a long weekend of indulgence. It wasn’t a great omen to the productivity of this day’s after-hour report. 

5:03 pm — Headed to the gym. Still on that Hugh Jackman rowing game. Will it be my secret to success? Guess we’ll see.  

6:30 — Reading hour by the river. Today I’m reading Small Giants. Tim Ferris said to  

7:30 — MasterClass Mondays take two. We watched Bob Iger drone on about strategy. Sorry Bob, but for the CEO of one of the most magical companies on the planet, his class was drier than eating five saltines at once.  

9:30 — Didn’t finish the class. But a few good lessons from boring Bob. One of which was the importance of letting brands be brands. Thank God, he didn’t slap DISNEY on everything. Imagine–Disney Marvel. The Marvelous Disney — oh gees. 

9:45 — Watched Billions. It’s inspiring. That is a lie. 

It’s entertainment that has to do with subterfuge and smart people doing smart people things.

If I were to give myself a grade for the work I’ve done in the past 5 hours. I’d give 

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