EOD 4/7/21

“Tuesday has no feel” 

Why is that true? It is. 


5:00 pm – I’m sitting on the beach reading Small Giants 

Here are few highlights: 

“You can’t build a small giant if you’re in an industry where your success depends on how big your company becomes.” 

“…your growth is absolutely limited by your capital or your ability borrow capital” 

“It’s far more difficult than most people realize to keep ownership and control inside a privately owned business as it grows, but unless you do you will wind up with a company driven not by your own aspirations but rather by the need to meet growth targets set by outsiders” 

Good thing I’m just trying to replace my current salary of 66k a year. 80k if you include all the trappings like insurance, employee match, PTO, etc. 

Will me saying that on a blog get me in trouble? Nah. 😬 Right? Guess we’ll find out. 

7:30 pm – Time more KNOWLEDGE 

Here’s the deal. I’ve spent around 6ish hours looking at how to break into the VO industry and it feels like folks are always trying to sell you their courses. 

*ahem, Bill Dewees. 

Still, his course is only $197. 

So, maybe I’ll try it out. 

Then there’s Nancy Wolfson. 

At least she offers 1-on-1 coaching for $190 per session 

Although she puts her money to good use – her website was the best that I could find. My gut instinct is to always trust folks with a good website over the one guy that used cursive as his main font -_-  

So, maybe I’ll drop 5k on Nancy’s session. 

Research is fine. But I can’t help but feel like I might be wasting my time. 

Shouldn’t I just be doing the work and trying to figure this shit out on my own? 

I’ve always liked the concept of vertical integration and figure stuff out. 

OK. Time to stop rambling. 

I did find this video by the patron saint of all the wannabe voice-over artists, Bill Dewees, somewhat helpful in choosing a coach

Am I any closer to laying down my cold hard cash for lessons? 


11:38 – This is when I stumble onto the Tim Ferris youtube hole. 


Tim: “Don’t ask people to be mentors.” 


He’s right. People that say yes to being a mentor aren’t folks worth getting mentored by anyway. 

It’s a good 30-minute video. If you’re looking for a mentor, Tim highlights volunteering as a key avenue in finding the people you are looking for. 

It’s nice in theory to “learn before you earn” but aye bruh – I’m tryna get paid fast. 

Oof that reminds me of a proverb. 

“Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.” Proverbs 13:11

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