EOD 4/13/21

Well, here we are. Another Tuesday night. 

5:23 pm – A little late thanks to a 4:30 meeting and a project that I underestimated. Corporate meetings are the biggest waste of time. I mean, when you have meetings about trying to reduce meetings — but hey ya know, it pays the bills. 

5:35 pm – Hit the rower for some sprints. Did some curls for the gurrrrls 

6:00 pm – Pool time = quality time with bae. More philosophizing on the 4 Hour Workweek.  

7:00 pm – Write a draft of the second meditation for Psalm 1. My goal is to put out an EP under Day and Night Meditations in the next month or so. Stay tuned – and go ahead and subscribe to the YouTubes. It’s free. 

8:00 pm – Find some copy for my upcoming VO demo. Found this video’s description to have a few samples but I’ll probably find a few more.  

9:00 pm – Watch a documentary about some artist with Dementia. Her work was absolutely terrifying.  

10:00 pm – Schedule tweets for Musical Hermit. If you’re interested in my random thoughts, shameless self-promo, and other things relating to copyright-free music follow me here.  Write this blog.

Fun fact, the Whirlypop is the best invention you don’t have. I mean dang this popcorn is banging. SHEEEEEEEEEESH 

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