EOD 4/19/21

Me: I’ll do this blog thing as a way to keep myself accountable for my after-hours creative pursuits. 

Also me on a random Wednesday: I think I’ll just have three glasses of wine and fall asleep to a Pixar movie. 

Consistency is a struggle. But here I am. Here’s what I did after 5 pm. 

5:05 pm – hit the gym with Morgan. Trying to work out 2x a day to offset the amount of beer I tend to consume on the weekends. I mean, it’s not crazy but considering 1 double IPA will cost you around 350 calories – it adds up pretty quickly. 

6:30 pm – Run to Target and finally break my fast with Chick-fil-a. Sheesh. I really gotta work on my eating habits. 

8:30 pm – Hit ye ol keyboard and write meditation #3 for the upcoming Day and Night meditation album. 

9:45 pm – Start scheduling tweets for Musical Hermit. Created some cool visuals on Canva. Like this one…

10: 45 pm – Wrote this baby. What a day.

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