EOD 4/20/21

Happy Doge Day. #doge420

Not a meme millionaire… yet. What a time to be alive. If a meme-coin can become a trending topic on Twitter, I can accomplish quitting my 9-5 – right?   

Anywho. Here’s to two days of consistency.  

5:30 pm – Watched a Masterclass on sleep. I feel like this was the best class so far because it applies to literally every aspect of life. Good sleep = good life. Seriously tho, it’s wild how much sleep can affect everything from our weight to our cognitive performance to our freakin emotional intelligence.  

8:00 pm – Write Day 4 of the 6-day meditation on Psalm 1. Almost done! I’m getting the hang of working after-hours. Maybe that should be the name of the blog. Or the title to a song. Or a band name – probably is…

Yep. Don’t name your band After Hours. 

8:45 pm – Worked on some insta story assets for Day and Night Meditations. I know if you’re a designer and I admit to using Canva, you’ll stick yer nose up at me. Fair nuff.

10:15 pm – Started writing this blog. Cuzzzz ya got to deal with consistency. LOL. 

Barry White  – “Ya got to do somethin” “Get Yo Azz up”.   Right on Barry, Right on.

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