EOD 4/21/21

YOOOOOO 3 days in a row. Holla at ya boiiiiiiiiiiii

5:17 pm – sheeeeeeeesh. Whoever scheduled that 4:30 meeting, ya mom’s a hoe. JK that’s mean, but also pls for the love of all that’s good in the world, don’t schedule meetings after 4 pm unless they involve a fun activity i.e. drinking beer.  

5:30 pm – Dinner while watching Daniel Pink talk about resiliency in his Masterclass.  He wrote a book on selling that I should probably read called To Sell is Human. Put it on the list I guess. 

6:30 pm – Debriefed Suave Ross on hitting 400 followers and how she’s been hella resistant through some pretty gnarly health issues.  Y’all see the sunset recently? It’s beautiful this time of year.

7:30 pm – Wrote my latest meditation for Day and Night. Stoked to finish all the drafts and start recording/tweaking. I know what you’re thinking… a guy that used “hella” and called some poor hard worker’s mom a hoe is doing a meditation project. YES. That’s exactly why. I need all the sanctification I can get. 

And to address future scrutiny that will inevitably surface at some point:

I’m young, jaded, and in need of the Holy Spirit. I write these things to be funny. Sure, they might not resemble a mature Christian’s views, but I’m growing in grace. And so far, I still think it’s pretty funny.

Also, get the damn log out ya own eye, my guy. 


8:30 pm – Schedule as many tweets as the free version of Buffer allows… yay. 10 tweets locked and loaded for ye ol musical hermit. 

9:30 pm – Got sucked into Twitch trying to find a community to be a part of. All I found was a guy talking about Lebron and MJ over 2k. Slightly entertaining but also his mic kept clipping and that was annoying. 

10:00 pm – Started the report. Just realized how unpolished this blog might sound to Christians and non-Christians. But hey, here’s the main thing: Jesus came to save me from my sin and he’s working in my heart. Hopefully, this blog will serve as a place where folks can follow along as my heart gets a makeover from the Holy Spirit. 

Man, don’t ya love ADD.

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