EOD 4/22/21

Ayoo. Made it to four days in a row writing this report. Next stop. The weekend. 

LOL.  But for real. I have a bachelor party to attend. So the weekend is a wash fa sho. 

5:00 pm – Immediately shut my work computer off.  I have resolved not to give any extra time to the man. Working extra hours is for brown-nosers. Like, okay. We see you sent an email at 10:30 pm on Tuesday Janice (not a real person I work with). Now go get a life. Take up knitting for heaven’s sake. 

6:00 pm – After a longboard ride home from Bespoke (my Thursday office) I begrudgingly hit the gym. This is progress folks.  

8:00 pm – TikTok told me to stop scrolling. So I stopped scrolling and wrote the final meditation for Day and Night . P.S. wasted about 30 minutes on TikTok trying to find that dumb video. Oops. 

9:00 pm – Finished my meditation and decided to have some fun. Produced a Musical Hermit Jam for my next DMCA Safe album. Fun Fact, I’ve made a whopping $.03. A year ago that would’ve been a whole 7.5 dogecoins.  Much wow. Maybe I’ll throw all my proceeds from Musical Hermit into Doge. 

10:00 pm – Topped off the evening with this blog. Not a hugely productive day, but hey, I showed up. Peace out till Monday. 

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