EOD 5/10/21


Consistency is v. hard.  

But you know what Winston Churchill said — “Never Gonna Give You Up” 

Oh wait. 


8:30 pm – After doing all the things an adult has to do – working out, cooking, cleaning, paying fines for having an outdated license plate -_- → I finally got some work done for @dayandnightmeditations.  Creating is fun, but man, finding free images like this one by @shottrotter is time consuming.  Anyway I’ve got a freshly minted 12 pieces of content to accompany the initial launch of the meditation album.

11:00 pm – I switched gears and played around in Garageband a little bit for the Musical Hermit tracks that I’ll use for TikTok and Insta stories. It’s really kinda fun thinking about all the tie-ins here. I like the somewhat anonymity of having multiple projects that I can promote without them being a “personal brand”. Also, the SEO interweaving of all the things — Suave Ross, Musical Hermit, and Day and Night Meditations is cool.  Maybe I’ll be able to quit my job someday and just create what I want for a living.  

11:30 pm – Wrote this bad boy.  It’s good to be back. 

*A note on consistency 

This is for everyone who gets side tracked. The more that I pursue creative endeavours the easier it has become to not get down about my lack of consistency. It’s just like working out – massive biceps don’t appear after 1 workout — they appear after years of consistency. 

Or, so I’m told. Wouldn’t know from personal experience.  

Life happens – your buddies get married, friends come to visit. The whole thing (life) is a bit random. So, there’s no other option than to do your best and if your best isn’t good enough – well, get better at it. 

So in the actual words of Winston Churchill: 

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