After Hours 5/11/21

Sup, Tuesday. 

Well, Imma be honest. I didn’t get a whole lot done today.  Instead, I had 3 Negronis in celebration of MoMo’s new studio space at Village Oasis

It’s gonna be a Negroni Summer.   Shoutout to @imendesfoto_ for the pic 🤘🏼.

6:00 pm- Negronis 1 and 2 at one of the best cocktail joints in Wilmington – Rumcow 

7:45 pm- Celebratory dinner and Negroni 3 at Quanto Basta with MoMo 

9:00 pm – I DID DO WORK. I scheduled some Musical Hermit tweets like this one…

9:30 – Sorry, but I had to watch the Big Short due to its correlation with $GME. Let’s just say I’ve spent waaaaaayyyy too much time on r/superstonk

11:30 – Wrote this blog out of desperation to keep my streak alive even though this after hours post isn’t at all inspiring. Unless Negroni’s count. 

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