After Hours 5/12/21

I started doing random things I don’t like during the day this week. And it’s been one of the most productive weeks of my life. 

So, by the time I get to writing my closing thoughts on the day, I already feel immensely accomplished. 

Today — I did the dishes while on a zoom call, scrubbed my shower before taking one, put my clothes away that have been in a laundry basket for weeks before putting on gym clothes, and paid my credit card bill.  

I know. How adult of me. Just thought I’d share how revolutionary it’s been. Seriously, I feel incredibly responsible. 

Let’s see how long it lasts. 

Anyways… here’s the after-hour activities. 

5:02 pm – I hit the gym and did some kettlebell stuff. Also trying out supersetting all my workouts now to add some stress to my muscles because the weight room at our apartment sucks. Still no abs. 

6:45 pm – Baked potato in the microwave cuz it’s carb day babbbyyyyyyyyy. I clearly have no idea what I’m doing with my health. But I read somewhere that carbs on training days are good for you. We’ll see.  

8:15 pm – Started recording my first meditation in the Psalm 1 series for Day and Night Meditations. Took my time and tweaked the script a bit. Overall, I’m stoked about this project. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been meditating at the beach and my mental health has greatly improved along with my relationship with God. So, excited to really get this guided Biblical mediation thing off the ground. 

9:30 pm – Worked on some miscellaneous insta posts for Day and Night like this… 

Ok, so I’m not a designer. I’m trying tho. Maybe I’ll get gud.  

11:00 pm – Wind down with some delirious writing that I’m convinced I’ll look back on and call complete trash. But this isn’t about the quality — it’s all about the quantity and consistency. It’s about sticking with something and holding myself accountable.

So, to that one writer friend that told me I wasn’t a “writer’s writer” — Patrick, you right homie. You right.

I don’t give a hoot about syntax.


*Quick Note on Adulting 

First off that word is stupid. It just means being a responsible human and putting off instant gratification.   

Second. To my future offspring, nieces, nephews, or anyone in their twenties trying to figure shit out: Start your week by doing the stuff that you don’t want to do. 

Seriously. I feel like that might be a self-help cliché but after doing it this week, I can confirm that this advice is spot-on. Don’t wait. Just do it before you’ve got this massive list that feels overwhelming.  

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