After Hours 5/13/21

Yo. This report startin ta work bruh. 

5:30 pm – After longboarding home from my Thursday office – shoutout to the big homies at Bespoke – I spent an exorbitant amount of time on TikTok. Do I regret it? No. 

But not exactly productive. 

7 pm – Then wine outside to watch the sunset. It was picturesque until the wind started blowing and the temps dropped to a chilly 58 or something. 

7:30 – MoMo fixed some taco salad for us and my biggest regret – watching Wolf of Wall Street for three hours.

I needed to bathe in God’s Word after the debauchery and hedonism depicted (I legit fast-forwarded about half of the movie)  

11:00 pm – This is where the report is starting to work. I couldn’t just write – I spent 3 hours watching a greedy bastard do “lewds” and have sex with hookers. 

Seriously, don’t watch the movie. The TL;DR is greed, lust, lying, and pride are a helluva cocktail and ultimately will end you.  

So. I recorded a draft of the second verse meditation for Day and Night Meditations. It for sure helped me cleanse my palate.  

Also, I didn’t edit the recording but I did do it. So, I feel like there is progress.

11:30 pm – Recorded my attempt to salvage my heavily wasted evening 

*Note on consistency and accountability. 

I thought about just skipping a day. Because, why not? Who cares? This blog at the time of this writing gets 2 views on a good day. 

Numbers don’t matter. Only the work. 

And I’ve recently found that I enjoy the work more than not doing it out of fatigue or otherwise plain laziness.  

So, even though there might not be millions reading this or waiting with bated breath, this After Hours project still provides a decent level of accountability. 

Consistency has always been an issue for me. So, finally finding an exercise that increases my ability to maintain a regular routine is actually exciting. I’m stoked to see where this goes. 

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