After Hours 5/17/21


Just another “happy Monday”.  (pretty sure saying this is cheugy now)

I’m amped up on a really productive 3 hours.  

8:30 pm – Got started late. But hey, I made up for it with laser focus. Anyways, read 80/20 Principle for 30 minutes. That’s right. Ya boi is reading. Tim Ferris said to. 

9:00 pm – Started emailing and sliding into DMs of VO people trying to find a VO coach. I have a love hate relationship with cold email/DMing folks. But here I am. I didn’t ask for anything extravagant just a solid VO coach.  

I think I hit up like 6-8 folks. I’ll be sure to mention if anyone actually responds. Might not have sent enough notes.  

10:15 pm – Record two more meditations. No mixing just recording. I’ll go back and batch edit all these. No idea if that’s a good way to do this type of work but you have to start somewhere. 

11:15 pm – Started ye ol blog. Because ya know, ya gotta deal with consistency. 

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