After Hours 5/19/21

It is Wednesday, my dudes.  

7:00 pm – Started the evening with a Negroni (#negronisummer) and reading 80/20 principle. I think this has the potential to change everything. Stay tuned. 

7:30 pm – Verified my Upwork profile with the intention of pitching jobs. I didn’t. 

8:00 pm – Instead of writing pitches, I watched videos on how to blow up on TikTok. I’m gonna try the strategy I found in this video. Essentially I’m gonna combine ye old Playlist Project idea with Musical Hermit and do Soundtrack This Scene on the beach. 😎 Stay tuned. 

9:00 pm – Made a guest appearance on Suave Ross and played the ukulele. (this is the one) This got me thinking it’d be dope to stream as Musical Hermit and play random stuff.  IDK. Is that an optimal use of time?  

10:00 pm – Drifted off into la-la land and Graham Stephen videos on Bitcoin… I do that sometimes. I mean the whole crypto thing is just fascinating.  

10:30 pm – Continued to be unproductive and dive down the DJ rabbit hole. I just think that’d be a super fun job. Mixing music in a perfect blend that gets the people going.  I know, I really shouldn’t be doing another thing. I’ve got ADD tho. Focusing is hard.

*Note on focus: 

Believe it or not my focus has gotten better. In some respects I think it’s entirely appropriate to test different things when you’re young. We can’t all have the one thing that drives us. But I’m determined to find the right balance of fun to money paid for what I’m delivering. 

Also, the DDJ 400 just looks like fun.

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