After Hours 5/20/21

Pro tip — don’t read recipes for dinner ideas, watch youtube. I made this banging salmon that took 10 minutes.

Anyways. Here’s what I did after hours. 

7:30 pm – After I crushed it in the kitchen. I took Questlove’s Master Class on music curation. I’m gonna be honest. It was two hours and it wasn’t exactly the best. I guess it’s kinda true. Those who can’t, teach. And Questlove is dope, so naturally him explaining it wasn’t all that exciting. 

Still. My foray into DJing might become a thing. I got my eye on this DDJ 400. But I’ve decided that I’m going to wait a month and see if I’m still interested in DJing. 

It seems like a lot of fun. Plus, I’ve been making playlists forever, and I’ve been making The Soundtrack Series for two years. One of the only things I’ve maintained a decent level of consistency. 

Heck. Maybe I need to be taking my curation to TikTok and start a Playlist Project page. 

10:00 pm – After making an executive decision to stick with one social media platform for all my projects, I determined that TikTok is the future. So, I dove into a few videos on the algorithm and how to exploit it.

This guy says he rigged it. And he really gets into the data. Spoiler: #fyp doesn’t do a durn thing.  

This guy says to post 2-3x a day from a pre-planned library. 

But the consensus I derived from my brief binge of edutainment was — just be original and be entertaining, or interesting, or shake ya ass (jk, don’t do that).  

So, I’m gonna start weird videos that make me laugh like this one 

11:30 pm – Revealed my lack of focus to you reading this blog.  I mean, I’m doing too much already and my ADD brain goes — I should be a DJ.  

*Note on finding a niche 

I’m currently in a phase that’s just me throwing spaghetti noodles on the wall to see what sticks. 

Yeah, weird. But Tecoby said that’s how you tell if the noodles are done. So, I guess I’ll keep slinging. 

I’m going to finish this week out with more learning. But next week I’m gonna start creating/ finishing the Psalm 1 meditations. 

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