After Hours 5/22/21

Yo, my first working Saturday since starting this blog. This ish gettin serious yall. 

Ok, so — it’s not super productive but I’ve managed to spend 2 hours getting stuff done, 


2:00 pm – Morgan went to the studio so that left me with some legit time to work. There’s nothing more inspiring than watching your wife go HAM with her art and start to see some real results. 

Go check out her latest on insta or go buy some art on her website while she’s still undervaluing her work. Seriously. $200 for an original is insanely cheap. So, get one before she figures out that she’s worth a lot more. 

Oh… I was supposed to be retelling what I was doing. 

Spent a good hour on #christiantiktok and #meditationtiktok. Brainstormed some actual content for Day and Night Meditations. Stoked to start creating this week. I think I’m gonna build up a library and try to build a following prior to releasing the meditations on Spotify.  Stay Tuned. 

3:00 pm – Recorded the final two verses in the Day and Night Psalm 1 series.   

3:39 pm – Calling it for today. Gotta ease into working on Saturdays. It’s a tough task for someone who’s not even close to being Type-A. I’m working my way up from Type-C. I know that’s not a thing but is Type-A a thing? No idea what science is actually behind that whole idea. 

Sheesh. If you can’t tell, I have ADD.  

*Note on priorities 

Just a little thought on priorities. 

Most people dissuade you from entering into a field like VO/Music/Art/YouTube etc because it’s “tough to compete”.

I’d say out of the millions who dream of doing something creatively, only thousands actually try, and out of the people that try, most give up when they realize how much effort it actually takes. 

What I’ve discovered over the past few months is that talent is only a small piece to the puzzle of success. The majority is being resilient to the inevitable low points. 

Sure, you can’t suck at whatever you’re trying to succeed at but as long as there aren’t insane barriers to entry (i.e. the NBA and being over 6 ft) you don’t need as much talent as we’re led to believe. 

It’s mostly putting in the work. Failing. Trying again. Failing again. Having an existential crisis. Trying again even tho you’re super depressed. Achieving a small success. Failing. Trying again with more confidence you got from that first success — and so on, and so forth.  

I’ve often wondered at what point should a person give up. 

Just say, “Ya know, I’m cool with 75K a year at a mid-level corporate gig” and move on to something else like drinking beer as a hobby.  

To be honest, I have no clue. But I don’t intend on ever finding out.

 Imma keep slinging noodles at the wall till I find something that sticks.

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