After Hours 5/25/2

I did not want to write this. 

I did not want to do anything but watch TV tonight. 

But I persisted. I rebelled against my own physiological response to my low-carb day. 

7:30 pm – Fired up the ol iPad Pro and started building beats for my next Musical Hermit album. 

9:45 pm – Not gonna lie, I started falling asleep making music. My guess is that because I only ate one meal and it was low carb my energy levels plummeted and gave me no reason to stay awake. 

9:50 pm – Not pretty. But I put words on an empty page. 

*Note on the bounce back 

Monday I didn’t do squat. I “read” an hour. Oof.  

But mostly just spent my time trying to find a hit of dopamine on TikTok.   

So, I didn’t post.  

Tonight wasn’t particularly productive but I think the important thing is that I created something. I got back on the horse after a wasted night. 

That’s a lesson I’m learning and hoping to get extremely good at — bouncing back after a disappointing performance.

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