After Hours 5/26/21

Still working on what to focus on. 

It’s Wednesday and I’m not sure how much progress I’m actually making.

Anyway, I did work after hours. How effective was my time is yet to be determined. 

8:00 pm – Another late start to my after-hours working hours. (sheesh). But I did some drop-in facetime sessions with family and friends. Honestly, it’s a super-efficient way to let people you’re thinking about them. No plans necessary. Just a pop-in.

So, I started working on finding visuals for my upcoming “Minute Meditations” for Day and Night Meditations.  I have no idea if that’s going to be a good use of time on the ol TikTok, but you never know till you try. 

9:00 pm – Researched DMCA safe playlists and DMed the playlisters on Twitter. Shamelessly plugging Musical Hermit is honestly not that difficult. I set the bar low and provide value. The music is good and it’s free to use. It’s a good product. 

10:00 pm – Submitted my tunes to Storyblocks and Pretzel Rocks (bro, who names these things). I have no idea if that’s ok, but as the saying goes. Ignorance is bliss. 

10:40 pm – Which brings us to this short uninspired post. But hey. I showed up.

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