Ally Invest POV Strategy

The problem.

Investing is tricky. People lose money in droves every day. So, how do you promote products that carry risk? Education.

… also a talented legal team.

Live (uh actually it’s static) look at most retail investors.

The strategy.

We engaged our kick-ass in-house team of investing experts to develop quality content that would drive investor confidence.

Step 1.

Get the word out about our current webinars (ew) and YouTube shows in a bi-weekly email we named “Market Intel”.

NOTE: I had hopes of turning this into a newsletter situation like the Morning Brew. But alas, corporate red tape and an overflowing workload got in the way.

Step 2.

Build credibility with the investing world with Ally Invest’s President Lule Demmissie and Chief Investment Officer Lindsey Bell.

Step 3.

Host digital conferences to further increase our trust with consumers with quality content from our in-house team as well as other industry experts.

The Results.

Our team at Ally Invest continues to become a force for investor education. With 4 digital conferences under our belt, weekly live YouTube content, and dozens of articles written for consumers, Ally Invest is in a great position to become a leader in investor education.

Each conference had thousands of people attend for 5 hours. 4 times (and counting). That’s big.

Sure, a cat video might get millions of views but it’s got an advantage – zero effort on the viewer’s part. A conference about investing? I mean if you’re still awake reading this, I’ve done my job.

Led by mainly organic targeted through email, onsite, and social, this strategy has enormous potential to be the reason millions open accounts with Ally Invest.

My Suggestions…

I’d love to see a more fluid experience between channels. What I mean is that ideally, Ally would take snippets from its conferences and share them out across their social platforms.

Currently, there’s a massive issue with communication between the marketing department and its agencies. It’s a problem. Too many cooks in the kitchen without a simplified workflow.

But if there were more collaboration between all parties, Ally Invest’s POV strategy could set it apart from other brokers.

There’s also massive potential to break into the podcasting space. It really wouldn’t be that hard to re-use the digital conference audio and put it into an audio format. But also maybe just an original show that makes investing less stodgy and more approachable. 

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