After Hours 5/11/21

Pretty unproductive Tuesday edition of my After Hours. Shoutout to @imendesfoto_ for the sweet pic of a Negroni. I had three. NBD

EOD 4/13/21

Well, here we are. Another Tuesday night.  5:23 pm - A little late thanks to a 4:30 meeting and a project that I underestimated. Corporate meetings are the biggest waste of time. I mean, when you have meetings about trying to reduce meetings -- but hey ya know, it pays the bills.  5:35 pm - …

EOD 4/12/21

EOD 4/12/21  Okayyyyyy. So, this EOD thing might turn into a morning report due to my inability to stay up late.  But you know what they say…  “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.” -Some king of Scotland or an English Teacher. 5:00 pm - Hit the gym with Morgan, a.k.a. …

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