Invest Responsibly.

The problem.

Or is it an opportunity? Ally Invest needed to engage investors with their latest offering of socially responsible ETFs.

The Strategy.

Step 1.

Find the customers that would be interested in investing responsibly.

Step 2.

Setup a two-touch email campaign designed to engage all those customers we found in our CRM database.

Step 3.

What’s an email campaign without a landing page? Probably not as good as one that has a place to send people. So, we built a page for our audience to learn more about investing responsibly.

The Results

Investing responsibly is a growing trend. From 2019 (the year we ran this campaign) to 2020, ESG investing saw a 51% increase in institutional ownership. With this email campaign and landing page, Ally Invest was able to jump ahead of the curb of a trend that isn’t slowing down.

You want the numbers from the campaign? Yeah, me to. But according to a Slack message from my buddy analytics, it was “lit”. I assume that means the strategy worked.

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