Print and Digital

WIX Filters introduce their new NanoPro air filters. This is the direction they ended up going with.
Part of the ideation for the NanoPro ad.

WIX wanted to congratulate Richard Childress but in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Nothing is as cheeky as someone basically saying they were an integral part of someone else’s victory.
Crescent Land…they sell land. They wanted people to know it. Buying land is boring. Buying opportunity? That’s sexy.
WIX awards a shop once a year who goes beyond just fixing cars but also helps out their community. This was a comp that never got past the first round but was described as “pretty #$%$@ cool” by a senior art director.
This is a stellar eblast for VELUX.  The result were crazy open rates* and captivated imaginations.  *I actually have no idea what the open rates were and I’m pretty sure they didn’t either.