Microcopy: “Size Matters Not” – Yoda

Space on a phone screen is limited. That’s why I write to preserve that precious white space all my designers love. Below are some examples of brevity that help communicate messages between the confines of a 3-inch widescreen.

Banners That Bring The Action

Small spaces, big conversions. Here are a few examples of banners that I wrote that led to significant conversion for Ally Invest.

At the heart of ESG or SRI is putting your money to good use. Here’s how I explained that in 7 words.
Here’s the main benefit of Ally Invest’s Robo Portfolios in a 6-word headline and 23-word subhead.
Simple is always better. Here’s a headline that cuts straight to the point with a single word and number.

In-App Messaging That Educates In 125 Characters

At Ally, we utilized Content Wells to send marketing and informational messages inside the app. See those little messages just below the fold? I wrote approximately 150 of those puppies. Here are two Ally is currently showing in the app. As for the efficacy of these, that’s still up for debate.

Writing Optimizied For Scrolling On Yer iPhone (Or Andriod, Ew)

My favorite examples of microcopy that I’ve written are on the emerging artist, MoMo‘s website. It’s here I got to replicate her personality in a fun way. Much more fun than writing for a faceless banking monolith. From the headlines to the CTAs, I wrote it all and had fun doing it. Go ahead. Look at the site on yer phone.

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