Josiah Goodrum's Resume 

TL;DR: I help companies communicate complex products in a cool way. Also, I like alliteration. 


Content Strategist  Ally Financial  May 2018 - Present

Ever try to explain ETFs in plain English? I have. Ever had to break down ESG investing on a landing page? Been there done that. I work primarily with the Ally Invest marketing team to create seamless user experiences and convince consumers to open investing accounts. 

If you're trying to reach your audience and have a sophisticated product. But, you don't want to be drab or boring -- hire me. I excel at it.

Jr. Copywriter Wray Ward   Oct 2015 - Sep 2017

Ever try to write an ad for a bidet? What about an air filter? Or how about cellulose insulation? No? No worries. I have. 

From spending 10 hours coming up with faucet names, to writing thousands of headlines, this is where I cut my teeth on advertising and out-of-the-box thinking. 

UNCC   BSBA Marketing   2016

Or, just google my name. 

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Misc. Facts
The picture is a self-portrait.
I make copy-right free music under the artist name Musical Hermit 
I've written and produced 30+ episodes of a podcast called The Playlist Project 
I'm learning to surf 
I could espouse the benefits of Biblical meditation for hours