After Hours 5/12/21

I started doing random things I don’t like during the day this week. And it’s been one of the most productive weeks of my life.  So, by the time I get to writing my closing thoughts on the day, I already feel immensely accomplished.  Today -- I did the dishes while on a zoom call, …

Adventures in Adulting : Episode 3 AutoPay is tricky

This time on adventures in adulting, our hero gets perplexed by simple yet complicated process of AutoPay

Adventures in Adulting: Episode 2 Most adults are really just massive kids

In this episode we'll explore the immaturity that exists in every adult.

Adventures in Adulting: Episode 1 Roofs Cost Money

Adulting. That’s the all-inclusive term the cool kids use for responsibility, discipline, and making wise decisions. This is the first installment of my experience in adulting. One of many as I progress through life, learning as I go what it means to be a grown up. You Can Pick Your Bedroom, But It’s Gonna Cost …

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