5 tips for marketing to millennials

A quick primer on reaching #snakepeople

Adventures in Adulting: Episode 2 Most adults are really just massive kids

In this episode we'll explore the immaturity that exists in every adult.

How to be a hipster: The art of being a millennial with a dope mustache

Are you tired of just being normal? Do you long to fit in with those millennials in skinny jeans and Warby Parker glasses? Have you ever wondered how you too can become a hipster? Well, lucky for you, being a hipster is easy. Just follow these 5 easy steps. Step 1: Abandon anything in the …

How to be a snob in 3 easy steps: the art of paying too much for pens.

Snobbery is for everyone!

What if men wore yoga pants?

At some point in time, it became ok and encouraged for women to wear yoga pants in the public sphere. Wear’em to the coffeeshop. Wear’em to the mall. Wear’em to church. Wear’em to a party. Wear’em to the office. Wear’em wherever you want. I get it. Yoga pants are comfy. So comfy in fact that …

2k or 2 Create, that is the struggle

I’m not great at a whole lot, but I am magnificent at wasting my time. Work days end with me plopping down on the couch, drinking a beer and playing 2K. But is 8 hours really enough to create a life that resembles a successful human being? I’m beginning to think the answer is no, …

What Comes First?

Seriously, where do you start when you want to get somewhere that isn’t on Google Maps? You can start with Google but from my experience the results for “how to be” whatever you want to be are usually filled with spam websites trying to sell you some solution to your problem.   Stuff like:   …

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