After Hours 5/26/21

Still working on what to focus on.  It’s Wednesday and I’m not sure how much progress I’m actually making. Anyway, I did work after hours. How effective was my time is yet to be determined.  8:00 pm - Another late start to my after-hours working hours. (sheesh). But I did some drop-in facetime sessions with …

After Hours 5/22/21

BBs first Saturday blog. My, my, my -- they grow up so fast.

EOD 4/22/21

Ayoo. Made it to four days in a row writing this report. Next stop. The weekend.  LOL.  But for real. I have a bachelor party to attend. So the weekend is a wash fa sho.  5:00 pm - Immediately shut my work computer off.  I have resolved not to give any extra time to the …

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