Adventures in Adulting : Episode 3 AutoPay is tricky

This time on adventures in adulting, our hero gets perplexed by simple yet complicated process of AutoPay

5 tips for marketing to millennials

A quick primer on reaching #snakepeople

Adventures in Adulting: Episode 2 Most adults are really just massive kids

In this episode we'll explore the immaturity that exists in every adult.

Why you should stop hiring copywriters

I’m a writer. That’s currently what I get paid to do. Sounds elegant right? A lot of people want to do what I do because they don’t actually know what I do. What I actually do is write a little, edit a bunch, then offer up my work as a sacrifice to the writing gods …

Adventures in Adulting: Episode 1 Roofs Cost Money

Adulting. That’s the all-inclusive term the cool kids use for responsibility, discipline, and making wise decisions. This is the first installment of my experience in adulting. One of many as I progress through life, learning as I go what it means to be a grown up. You Can Pick Your Bedroom, But It’s Gonna Cost …

What if the business world was more like pro sports?

What if we talked about regular people like we did Lebron? Sure, average people doing average work aren’t as interesting as a freak of nature. But what if they were? Instead of applying and interview, what if companies had college scouts just like a pro sports team? Imagine each industry having a draft of incoming …

How to be a hipster: The art of being a millennial with a dope mustache

Are you tired of just being normal? Do you long to fit in with those millennials in skinny jeans and Warby Parker glasses? Have you ever wondered how you too can become a hipster? Well, lucky for you, being a hipster is easy. Just follow these 5 easy steps. Step 1: Abandon anything in the …

What if Math was actually interesting to everyday people?

Math, you either love it or hate it. Judging by what happened in 2008 and 1929, most people stay blissfully ignorant of the subject. As a writer, a lot of conversations with other writers are about how we hate and can’t do math. But what if most people were into math? Like, what if roles …

How to be a snob in 3 easy steps: the art of paying too much for pens.

Snobbery is for everyone!

What if men wore yoga pants?

At some point in time, it became ok and encouraged for women to wear yoga pants in the public sphere. Wear’em to the coffeeshop. Wear’em to the mall. Wear’em to church. Wear’em to a party. Wear’em to the office. Wear’em wherever you want. I get it. Yoga pants are comfy. So comfy in fact that …

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